Many audience members responded to client satisfaction surveys of Tony's recent events, we have added a brief selection...

"Tony Klinger gave us a great event - a masterclass in communicating gems of business wisdom within a hugely entertaining talk..."

“The only reason I didn’t give you full marks all round was to avoid you having difficulty getting through the door with such a swollen head.”

“I came for the demagogue, but I got the pedagogue, for which I'm grateful…"

“I was prepared for some rabble-rousing exhortations to get out there and sell, sell, sell! Instead I got this gently spoken guy taking us on a journey to places I at least hadn't seriously considered before.”

Great advice 😁

“I think Tony is a good speaker and an interesting person to listen to, and he has a fascinating personal story.”

Great info👍

I have been following all of Tony’s talks...Informative Honest Clear advice....For all creatives

Such a  good talker and a great listener !!!

So much good information here 😁


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