"I would suggest that people considering joining Tony Klinger's course should just go for it. You will learn a great deal from the master himself. It is worth every single penny."

- Sen Monro



Be part of our Virtual Group Sessions at £130 for 8 weeks of 1 hour sessions or £25 per session.

For advanced coaching & support Virtual One - on - One sessions are available for £150 per hour or 10 hours for £1000.

Pitch Perfect Project's is a 6-hour online ‘mini-retreat’ creating a unique and unforgettable knowledge sharing experience. Live from the comfort of your own home.

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Welcome to the Pitch Perfect Projects Online Virtual Retreat



Take the time to breathe, write and create.

Discover there are no limits away from the demands of a daily routine.

Sharing your pitches in confidence with constructive mutual feedback.

Imagine the benefit of conversations with new friends.

Wherever you are in the process, we are here to help you create and perfect your pitch so you can move forward and turn your dreams into reality!


This retreat is for you if…

You want finance for your project

You need to create a convincing package

You want to develop your pitching skills

You need an agent

You want professional advisors

You’re working on a feature film, TV pilot or book, or have an idea in development

You have a book and want to turn it into a screenplay and sell it directly to Hollywood

You want to know how to get your screenplay in front of agents and producers

About Us

Award winning producer, filmmaker and author, academic and playwright Tony Klinger founded Pitch Perfect Projects as part of Give-Get-Go,

an organisation in which


GIVE ideas

GET help

GO do it

Passion is Vital…

But of course, you need to draw on the experience of others since the process of raising finance is both difficult and frustrating. If you aim to make a living from your ideas and creativity then passion is the fuel for the machine, but it is not the machine.

Pitching all elements of your creative projects is of huge importance.  

For instance, what are your marketing and sales strategies?

How do you handle advertising and PR?

 You have to be able to communicate effectively and pitch why your project is worthy of consideration and finance.

Pitch Perfect Projects will show you how!

This exclusive, online get together, has been designed to help you pitch your creative projects for Film, Television, Publishing and Agent involvement including, most significantly, finance.

Investors and people who commission projects don’t have time to waste.

You must be able to express what you require clearly, simply and concisely. 

But remember your passion - 

it's Contagious!


We all dream of creating a perfect pitch so that our projects come to life. Perhaps you’ve published a book and wonder how to turn it into a film script.

Seems impossible?

If the answer is NO - make it YES

As you’ll see at these unique pitching retreats, nothing is impossible and we will show you how your words, your vision, your dream, can make it all the way!

 At our Pitch Perfect Projects retreats, Tony Klinger will lead presentations on how to shrug off self-doubts and face the truth, enabling  the creation of a project pitch to fit the market perfectly.

Tony will give live presentations on THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. He will reveal the challenges of getting your movie made, your book published or your TV show on air. He will offer invaluable insights into these processes. In addition, each attendee will receive live feedback.

At the virtual retreats, creatives will be invited to pitch their projects whilst receiving invaluable and unprecedented insights into this process. 

Learn how the industry will respond.

You will have the opportunity to interact and receive feedback about your pitch or on any other aspect of the industry!

This Is Your Time!

Learn From

A Top Industry Mentor!

Online you’ll meet with Tony Klinger to workshop the pitch for your project. This is when you will receive his undivided attention and ask questions about anything related to your pitch and the writing behind it, to craft the perfect pitch for an agent, producer or finance.

Saturday, November 14th, 2020, 8:30am to 2:30pm Pacific time

11.30am to 5.30pm Eastern time

4.30pm to 10.30pm UK time

Please note all times below are UK time

Schedule - Level 1
4:30PM - 4:45PM
4:45PM - 5:45PM
5:50PM - 6:50PM
6:55PM - 7:55PM
8:00PM - 9:00PM
7:00PM - 8:00PM
8:00PM - 8:40PM
8:40PM - 9:30PM
9:30PM - 10:30PM
Introduction - Make a great first impression
Research and psychological tests prove you have around 10 seconds to make an impression,  good or bad. Let’s make sure it’s great or your project will fail to raise finance. Consequently, you must be prepared, be on time, be sharp and be very well rehearsed.
Live feedback on two pitches.
Tony Klinger advises on why certain pitches work while others don’t, offering invaluable insights into the creative process.
Live feedback on a further two pitches.
Pitching sessions: Four writers will pitch their projects, receiving valuable insights into both the pitching process and how the industry will respond to their projects.
Live feedback on two more pitches.
Q&A: Your chance to ask and receive feedback on your presentations or on any other aspect of the creative industries.
Final words from Pitch Perfect Projects and an opportunity to say your goodbyes.

Remember to adjust for your own timezone

Sounds enticing?

We invite writers, creators, authors, producers of all levels of films, television, books and plays including writers of fiction and non-fiction to apply for an invaluable and productive experience.

Enrolment is exclusive and limited to ensure small group size and maximum access.

You can participate in this stimulating workshop with no travel problems, no expensive hotels. Be comfortable at home while fully virtually engaged.


Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere of your own home with a bona-fide

international producer.

IF You’re serious about completing your project and making your dream come true!

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